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Clicker is the complete writing solution for the primary classroom, providing every pupil with just the right level of support and challenge.

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Help every child achieve writing success

At the heart of Clicker sits a child-friendly word processor. Watch your pupils confidently tackle writing tasks with help from Clicker’s realistic speech feedback, talking spell checker and word predictor.

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Jump-start writing tasks

Clicker Grids enable pupils to write with whole words and phrases. Emerging writers build sentences word-by-word, while Word Banks provide scaffolding to support developing writers.

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Harness the power of pictures

Clicker 8’s new ‘Picturize’ button instantly adds pictures to any Clicker Grid, helping children to find the word they want. Choose from over 4500 Clicker curriculum pictures or use your own.

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Boost speaking, listening and reading skills

Make curriculum content accessible for all with talking Clicker Books, support emergent readers and EAL pupils with Matching Sets, and use Talk Sets to develop speaking and listening skills.

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Organise ideas

Organising ideas is a vital first step in the writing process, and one that many learners struggle with. Clicker includes a child-friendly mind mapping area to help learners prepare for writing.

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Support the curriculum with free resources

Clicker includes free access to LearningGrids, an ever-growing bank of ready-made classroom resources created by our curriculum team.

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Check understanding

Cloze activities are a great way to assess pupils’ topic knowledge, as well as their ability to use semantic and contextual clues. Create your own Cloze activities in a matter of seconds!

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Assess pupil progress

Clicker 8’s Analytics tool gives you a unique insight into each learner’s writing process, helping you make informed decisions about their current support levels and the most effective next steps.

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Provide access for all

In addition to extensive support for learners with reading and writing difficulties, Clicker 8 opens the door for pupils with a wide range of additional needs, including switch and eye gaze users.

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Award-winning reading and writing software

Clicker is already transforming the writing experience for thousands of children around the world. Find out how Clicker impacts on pupils’ writing productivity, progress and enjoyment.

Sunny Bank Primary School

Marianne Baird
(Assistant Headteacher/SENCo)

The best thing about Clicker is that it boosts children’s confidence and allows them to see themselves as writers. It removes barriers to writing, and it takes away some of that cognitive demand and overload, so children can record their ideas and gain confidence.

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Cringleford Primary School

Anita Clarke

We committed to a whole-school approach to literacy difficulties, so we’re not just using Clicker with our special needs children. Because we have a Site License, we can roll it out across the school, so that all our pupils can show their potential and abilities.

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Micklehurst All Saints Primary School

Emma Gorton

Clicker has truly transformed the writing experience for our pupils. The children love that they can use it to create narratives, reports, explanations – anything they want to write, they can do it with Clicker. Clicker has raised their self-esteem beyond words and revolutionised how they feel about their writing.

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Gorseland Primary School

Ellie Bennett

Clicker has developed our children’s confidence in their own abilities to write and we have been able to share many proud moments with them through their achievements of using it.

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Use Clicker on all your devices

Our Clicker universal licensing enables you to ‘mix and match’ depending on your school’s set-up. Install Clicker 8 on your computers and use Clicker Writer on iPads and Chromebooks.

Just work out the total number of devices and select the license you want. Best value is our Site License, which gives you unlimited use across your school and includes home access too.

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