Clicker Cloze

Check understanding

Introducing Clicker Cloze: an exciting new tool that enables teachers to create ‘fill the blank’ activities in a matter of seconds!

Quickly create activities

Cloze activities are a great way to assess your pupils’ topic comprehension, reading skills, and ability to use semantic and contextual clues to reconstruct a piece of text. To create a Clicker Cloze activity, simply type or paste in your text, select the words you want to remove and click ‘Go’! Complete the activity on-screen or print off for use as a worksheet away from the computer.

Cloze the Clicker way

As children work through the activity, they can select any word within the text itself or the list of suggestions and have it read aloud to them in Clicker’s clear, realistic-sounding child’s voice. They then click to send their choice into the relevant gap. Afterwards, teachers can find out at a glance how pupils have done by viewing the ‘Analytics’ tab.

Customise for your pupils and objectives

Choose how many words will be suggested for each gap, or whether to provide suggestions at all, to ensure pupils have the right level of challenge. Use ‘Custom Words’ to create an activity where each blank has its own set of suggested words. This can be used to assess a variety of skills – which of these words makes the most sense? Which is the most powerful? Which character in the story said this?