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We use mobile network and internet platform to provide you with the best and most fun e-learning.

Learning is fun

We make learning fun by engaging students with videos, games, quizzes, challenges, and awards to make learning enticing and effortless. Students will want to come back and learn with other students. We network students, teachers and parents to complete the Learning Triangle to support learning at home with guided lessons and progress reporting.

Learning platform

We bring to you a fun learning platform based on 3P Learning’s award winning education software.

Our promise

Our mission is to cultivate children’s lifelong passion to love knowledge and studying, where learning touches both the mind and the heart.

Learn anywhere anytime

Parents can be involved in their children’s learning through our easy-to-use platform and many fun exercises to make “learning at home” a happy family activity.

Improve academic performance

Our products are unique complements for afterschool programmes or tutorial centers to adapt their teaching to introduce new subjects and expand width and depth of learning objects not normally covered in local schools.

Improve English Capability for Chinese Students

Local schools use our learning resources to enhance their local programmes to increase the international edge and help students better their English communications.

We have around 100 international and bilingual schools that integrate "fun learning" as part of their teaching philosophy in Greater China.

Why Teachers Love Us

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We want you to love learning!

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